Plastic Injection 

Precision injection moulding has been one of our pioneer technology of our business unit since 1992. We have full range of injection machine ranging from 18 Ton to 530 Ton to meet our customer needs. Our team of professionals with vast experience and various expertise have been with us as long as the company was started. They are more than capable of meeting all the new product challenges.

We are most familiar with and largely experienced in most of the plastic materials used in engineering processes such as ABS, PC, PA, POM, PVC, PSU, ICP, PPSU, PBT, PPS, PP + Gamma Resistance, and glass-filled high-temp Nylon.

  • Plastic injection moulding
  • In-house tooling die maintenance
  • Facilities: CNC, EDM, Laser welding, Wire cut, Super drill
  • Clean room injection moulding
  • Product: Medical, Automotive, Consumer, Gaming, Optical