Mlb the Show 20 Franchise Contracts

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MLB The Show 20 Franchise Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

MLB The Show 20 is a highly popular baseball simulation video game that has captured the attention of both hardcore and casual fans of the sport. One of the most exciting features of the game is the Franchise Mode, where players can manage their own baseball team and lead them to glory. But before you can do that, you need to understand the ins and outs of Franchise Contracts.

What are Franchise Contracts?

Franchise Contracts are a crucial aspect of the Franchise Mode in MLB The Show 20. These are contracts that you can offer to your players, coaches, and staff members to secure their services for a certain period of time. A Franchise Contract can be used to lock in a player or coach at a fixed salary for several years, preventing them from signing with another team during that time.

Types of Franchise Contracts

There are three types of Franchise Contracts that you can offer in MLB The Show 20:

1. Major League Contract – This is the standard contract that you can offer to your players. It covers a period of one to six years, with varying salary amounts depending on the player`s skill level and performance.

2. Minor League Contract – This is a contract that you can offer to players who are still in the Minor League. The salary is much lower than a Major League Contract, but it can still help you secure the services of promising young players for the future.

3. Coach/Staff Contract – This is a contract that you can offer to your coaches and staff members. It covers a period of one to three years, with varying salary amounts depending on their position and experience.

Salary Negotiations

When offering a Franchise Contract to a player or coach, you can negotiate the salary amount and contract length. Players and coaches will have their own demands based on their skill level and experience, so be prepared to make counteroffers. It`s important to balance the salary demands of your players and coaches with the available funds of your team. You can`t afford to overpay for a player or coach and leave yourself with little money to sign other important members of your team.

Managing Franchise Contracts

Managing your Franchise Contracts is a crucial part of being a successful Franchise Mode player in MLB The Show 20. You need to keep track of the contract lengths and salaries of all your players and coaches, ensuring that you have enough money to sign new players and maintain a competitive team. You also need to be aware of when contracts are expiring so that you can make decisions about retaining or releasing players and coaches.


Franchise Contracts are a key element of MLB The Show 20`s Franchise Mode. Understanding the different types of contracts, negotiating salaries, and managing contracts is essential to building a successful baseball team. By mastering the Franchise Contracts system, you can lead your team to glory and become a legend in MLB The Show 20.