How to Find Your Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreement Number

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When it comes to using Microsoft software in your business, having a volume licensing agreement can make managing your licenses much easier. However, it`s essential to keep track of your licensing agreement number to make sure you`re in compliance with Microsoft`s licensing terms and conditions.

Here`s how to find your Microsoft volume licensing agreement number:

1. Check your email: If you`ve received a confirmation email from Microsoft regarding your volume licensing agreement, search for it in your email inbox. The email should contain your agreement number, and you can use that to access your licensing information.

2. Check your paperwork: If you`ve received a physical copy of your licensing agreement, the agreement number should be printed on the document. Look for any paperwork you received when you first signed up for the licensing agreement.

3. Contact Microsoft support: If you can`t find your agreement number or don`t have access to your email or paperwork, Microsoft support can help. Contact their support team by phone or email with your account information and explain that you need help finding your agreement number.

4. Check your online account: If you have an online account with Microsoft, you may be able to find your agreement number there. Login to your account and look for any licensing information or agreements associated with your account.

5. Ask your IT department: If you have an IT department, they may have access to your licensing information and agreement number. Ask them if they can provide you with the necessary information.

In conclusion, keeping track of your Microsoft volume licensing agreement number is important to ensure you`re in compliance with Microsoft`s licensing terms and conditions. By checking your email, paperwork, online account, and consulting with Microsoft support or your IT department, you can easily obtain your agreement number.